Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Cowshed, Primrose Hill Event

Last night, I went to the Cowshed Spa in Primrose Hill for a talk with Sadie Frost and Holly Davidson on their new book 'Nourish' that they've written with Amber Rose.
It is the first event of this kind that Cowshed has held and it was such a lovely evening.
Firstly, the spa has such a relaxed and chilled vibe, so it's a really nice place to go for treatments and most products that will be used on you are available to buy at the counter.
The talk was held in the foyer, which was a really nice setting because it felt really intimate and just like you were speaking with friends, and the food and drinks provided were delicious.
There were freshly made fruit and vegetable juices, which were both great and of course champagne. For food, we were served a variety of hors d'oeuvres including these amazing chocolate brownies that were gluten free and made with coconut oil.
Holly and Sadie both spoke honestly about their own experiences with fitness and trying to find the balance between living a life that you enjoy but one that is also centred around health and wellbeing.
Holly spoke first, as a personal trainer she was able to discuss the effects that the different aspects of your life can have upon your progress, when it comes to getting fitter, but that exercising and becoming healthier can have a positive effect on other parts of your life. She spoke really well and emphasised the importance of working on all areas of your life and strengthening your core. She brings to the book knowledge on how to get the best out of the time that you can spend on a workout, even if you can't get to a gym.
Sadie spoke more about yoga and meditation. She mentioned that starting yoga from a fairly young age, helped her to calm her busy mind and in turn this can help you to become more present in your life. She spoke about this amazing fast that she did in Turkey, based around juicing and probiotics. The whole idea behind this, is that it is suggested that at times your digestion system needs a break, and during this time your body goes in to repair mode and starts to heal itself. She brings to the book a deep understanding of a personal journey through meditation and yoga, to find yourself more fulfilled and content.
It was so interesting to hear from both of these women (who are sisters) and they must be doing something right because they both look fabulous.
While Amber Rose wasn't there, her presence is definitely felt within the book, having worked in restaurants and cafés around the world, her experience provides the book with deliciously healthy recipes that go to show, you don't have to forfeit flavour for nourishment.
If you are new to fitness and yoga, or simply looking for inspiration on a health reboot then I would definitely recommend this book. It speaks to the modern women seeking for balance in a balancing act, called life.
As I was at Cowshed, I thought I might as well pick up the Palmarosa Revitalising Face Mask 50ml, it smells so good and I can't wait to try it!

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