Monday, 15 June 2015

Festival Necessities!

This might seem like a very long post but if you are going to a festival, where you will be camping for three or more days, you will most likely need everything that I am about to mention.

1. A tent goes without saying, it's doesn't have to be expensive; as long as it keeps you warm, is water proof and can fit the right amount of people in, that it's a goodun. A good place to start would be or
2. A sleeping bag, you will need a sleeping bag, if you want a good nights sleep. They are also very easy to travel with, which can be helpful as I'm sure any festival (at least the ones that I've gone to) requires a lot of walking. I'm pretty sure that this was the sleeping bag that I got. I had to get the day that I left for the festival, because I had stayed at my sisters the night before and had forgotten to bring my own, one. This just so happened to be such a great sleeping bag, it is so comfy but I would never have thought that sports direct would sell them!
3. Wellies, if you are going to a festival in the UK, wellies are a must. Again, they don't have to be ridiculously expensive, just regular, comfortable wellies. Regardless of the time of year it will most likely rain for at least one if the days that you are at the festival, and the mud can get a bit out of control. Obviously other choices of footwear are an option, but it's best to take wellies, as well, so that you have something to fall back on.
4.Wet wipes, are a must. Not every festival has access to showers due to the magnitude of the audience. There will be running water but if your looking for a quick fix, wet wipes will be your best bet. Any ones will do and they are also helpful if you spill anything in your tent.
5.Ear plugs, this isn't just to help you get a good nights sleeps, since the music doesn't stop until...when the festival stops. It is important to protect your ear drums, if you are a music lover, like me. The speakers are at such high frequencies at these events that your ear drums and the hairs inside
your ears can become damage. This could cause hearing loss and/or chromic tinnitus. So enjoy safely.
6.Socks, even though you'll probably be wearing wellies, at night your feet will get really cold. A few pairs of warm socks are a must and will stop you from getting blisters.
7.A good waterproof, there is nothing worse than being cold and wet, at a festival. Getting your hands on a great waterproof jacket us key. I got this  one because it is good quality, without being really expensive.
8. A container for water, this is essential. There should be taps around the festival, where you can fill up your water bottles, personally, I find that these water carriers are really useful. They are easier to carry, in comparison to bottles and they hold 8 litres of water. Another plus, is that they aren't expensive. It can get really warm at festivals and if it's sunny, you'll be in the sun all day, it's extremely important that you are staying hydrated and cider doesn't count.
9.SUNSCREEN! As I have just said, if it is sunny, you'll probably be in the sun all day, you need to make sure that you are protected! I like to use the Clarins sun care milk SPF 50, I think sun care is definitely worth an invest but there are cheaper ones out there. Skin cancer is a legitimate concern in the UK, so look after yourself, besides, festival tan lines aren't pretty and neither is sunburn.
10. Hand sanitiser is a really useful thing to carry around with you for after you use the facilities and before you eat. It's important to keep yourself as clean as possible at a festival, the last thin you want us to get ill. I like to use this Cowshed hand sanitiser, it is quite expensive but I just can't stand the smell of the alcohol ones.
11.Bin bags, you would be surprised how much rubbish human beings can produce in the space of four days. It's really useful to have a few black bags to put rubbish in, or to put your muddy wellies in, over night, so that your tent doesn't get messy.
12.Snacks and money for food. Having snacks at you tent is a great energy boost but I would also recommend bringing money  for food. Usually at festivals, there is a vast array of different types of food from all over the world, that can cater to peoples needs and tastes. I really enjoy the different foods that I end up eating at festivals.
13.A portable phone charger is key, if you want to meet up with people that you aren't camping with or want to document your time at a festival via social media etc. There are plenty of chargers out there but it depends on what you are looking for and what's best for you, here is a list of the top 41 portable chargers, in the market.
14.Dry shampoo, is one of the best inventions of the 21st century, this is essential for a festival. As I've said earlier on, there may not be shower facilities for you at the festival, that you go to. So unless you want to wash your hair in freezing cold water, I'd rely on dry shampoo. It keeps your hair smelling and looking fresh, and it's great for on the go.
What are your festival essentials?

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