Monday, 20 July 2015

Nature is Speaking, We Should Listen


  These videos are something to think about. As human beings we have a responsibility to care for our surroundings and look after the planet, because it is our home.
Something to remember, that even I had forgotten is that nature isn't here for us, we are part of nature.

It's easy to forget; we have become so disengaged with nature, our surroundings and what is really going on in our home (earth), that we don't feel part of nature and assume that nature is here for us to exploit. We need to make sure that this generation and the ones to follow are educated about how much damage we are doing to the environment and reminded that we are a part of nature and this earth is the only home we have, it has helped us survive all of these years, provided us with shelter, food and water.
We need to protect our home.

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