Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Don't Worry If...October Issue

It's nearing the end of October and time for this months issue of Don't worry if.
So, don't worry if...

1. You've already spent most of your student loan, the best time to be poor is when you are young. Treat this as a learning curve on money management, which, to be fair, is a very important lesson to learn.

2. You've got the heating on 24/7. You aren't the only one, I always think being cold if the worst!

3. You can't stop watching Vlogtober. Most youtubers are doing Vlogtober this months, which is like vlogging marathons. You aren't the only one breaking at work at 3pm and watching a vlog.

4. You're day-dreaming about a hot bath all day. The drop in temperature and dull weather would make anyone want to crawl in to a hot bubbly bath.

5. You get a taxi home from the tube station even thought it's only a ten minute walk. It's horrible walking home in the dark and the cold.

6. You've already bought fifty percent of your Christmas presents, there is nothing wrong with being prepared!

7. Your idea of a Halloween outfit is a pair of cat ears. Being honest Halloween is not my favourite holiday.

8. You've planned your Halloween outfit for weeks and are using it as an excuse to wear the skimpiest outfit on the planet. There's nothing wrong with being enthusiastic and 'feeling your oats'.

9. You took your lunch at 11 am today, just so you could spend your whole lunch break trying to get tickets for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play.

10. You haven't waxed or shaved since August 15th because your single and it's winter. You could always try to make Muffvember a thing, although I think it's already taken.

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