Wednesday, 15 June 2016


I was so excited to try this Cleansing Milk from Mádara Organic Skincare. I order this from; a website that love to order from because they have such a great range if beauty and make up products many of which are vegan friendly, organic and or 'natural', however, with this cleanser I was really underwhelmed.

This was probably my fault because I do prefer to use oils and balms but I wanted to try something new and I was really interested in this product because it was vegan and organic, which are the only redeeming qualities about this product.
I'm not a fan if the smell, it's really strange and although it smells familiar, I can't quite put my finger on what it smells like to me. If you like milk cleansers maybe you will like this one too, it does get rid of your make up and there isn't anything particularly wrong with the texture. Maybe I was expecting too much from this, to be fair I think it was only £15, however I think what made it worse is that I had just come from using the Soap & Glory Ultimelt Hot Cloth Cleanser which I loved using and was only £10.
While I don't think I would ever use this product again, I would definitely be open to trying out so w of their other products.

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