Friday, 22 July 2016


No one is exactly sure of who created the first hoop earrings but it is believed that their roots lie in tribal culture, so it is safe to say, they've been around a long time.

Having lost it's appeal due to it's association with slavery, prostitution and pirates, ear piercings were  consider to be 'crass' and inappropriate. Fast forward a couple hundred years and the hoop earring starts to make some waves during the 60's and 70's and while it was a popular trend, it wasn't until later that it became a trend that every young women was wearing.
Come 1990, the female trailblazers of american hip-hop/rap catapulted this accesory in to the mainstream, the juxtaposition of 'grime/glamour' depicted in the iconography and videos of the 90's artists was an opulence that seemed within every audiences members reach; perhaps this is why this trend took off, so much. Everyone from Lil Kim to Kate Moss were wearing hoop earrings and in every style imaginable from thick, gold hoops to small sleepers; the reclamation of the hoop earrings was in full swing.
After a brief lull in the early to mid 2000's (although don't think I've forgotten about that 'Smile' music video with Lily Allen, her bamboo heart hoops and reebok trainers), the hoop has made a come back again, along with other 90's staples such as the choker, ribbed crop tops and high-waisted 'mum' jeans. The hoop has a style for everyone and subculture within society with small, folksy infinity (endless) hoops, silver, hooker hoops or gold Celtic hoops. 
I've living for this 90's fantasy, I'm loving high buns or a high, half ponytail with big, thin silver hoops with a choker. What is your favourite way to relive this 90's trend?

Here are some different styles: 

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