Wednesday, 3 June 2015

10 Reasons to Drink Lemon Water

Lemon juice is a great way to start the day in a healthy way and here is why:
1. It's great at aiding colds.
Due to it's anti-bacterial qualities and the bundles of vitamins that lemon juice contains, drinking lemon juice in warm water or added with honey, does a better job at relieving colds than any 'over the counter' remedy you will find.
2.Aids weight loss.
If you are trying to lose a few pounds, along with a healthy diet, incorporating lemon juice in to your diet can aid weight loss. This is due to Pectin, a water-soluble fiber that is found in lemons.
Pectin, not only helps to remove cholesterol-rich bile for your body but it helps to regulate your blood glucose levels.  High glucose levels in your blood, promotes weight gain because your body cannot break it down (because there is too much) and so it is stored. This makes it far harder to lose weight. High glucose levels also increase fat production in the pancreas and high levels of fat in the bloodstream.
3.A great wake up call.
Drinking warm lemon water in the morning, is a great alternative to coffee.
Having this in the morning is a great way to wake yourself up without drinking something sugary or high in caffeine, which can lead you to have highs of energy and crashes. The vitamin C in the lemon juice can also aid your digestion, so it's great to drink before you eat anything.
Liminoids are found in Lemons and it is believed that they protect cells in the body from being damaged and potential from becoming cancerous.
5.Alkalising the body.
Alkalising the body? But Citric acid, is acidic, right? I know it doesn't seem right but lemons are good at heightening the ph level of the body and making it more alkaline. This is beneficial because it has been suggested that cancerous cells can only survive in an acidic environment, with a low ph level, which can be caused by diets that are very high in sugar.
Just this week an American talk-show host has spoken out about how an alkalising diet aided her relief from a mysterious illness that was causing her to be in so much pain, that she needed to use crutches.
6. Lemons are a good source of potassium.
While other fruits also provide a good source of potassium, such as Bananas, they are also very high in sucrose and fructose, these are both sugar groups. High levels of Potassium in the body, is linked to a 20% decrease in the risk of strokes. It is's also linked to the protection of muscle mass, bone density and healthy, functioning kidneys. The many other benefits include the maintenance of a normal cell function, controlling the electrical activity of the heart, synthesizing protein and balancing the level of electrolytes in the body.
7.Glowing Skin. 
Due to the multitude of vitamins found in lemon juice, it's no wonder that it's beneficial to the skin. I, myself, have found that my skin looks much better when I have been consistently drinking lemon water, every day. You can also use it on the skin to get a brighter complexion.
8.Stress reliever.
Lemon juice with water aids the functions of the nervous system.
Anxiety and depression has been linked to low levels of potassium, which can prevent the nervous system from functioning properly.
Lack of sleep, or inability to sleep has been linked to stress and depression. Lemons are also good sources of magnesium which you will need if you want a good nights sleep.  In the brain and nervous systems, there are GABA receptors. This is a neurotransmitter which promotes calming and helps the brain to switch off. Without the magnesium that is needed for this neurotransmitter to function properly, your body will find it hard to switch off and relax, which can make it impossible to sleep soundly.
9.Cleansing the liver.
The liver is the body's second largest organ and it is a very important organ when it comes to metabolism, the storing of vital nutrients and digestion. The liver helps are body to digest fats properly and remove toxins from the body. The liver also helps to digest large amounts of glucose, which can be released slowly. This prevents any spike of high amounts of glucose in the bloodstream. The ingestion of lemon juice helps to maintain a healthy functioning liver.
10. The ultimate immune system booster.
The immune system is vital to the body. It helps us to fight off viruses, infections and exposure to bacteria. Lemon juice has a powerful antioxidant in vitamin C, this helps to build the immune system and the stronger your immune system, the less likely you are to rely on strong drugs to help your body heal from an illness or infection. Antioxidants can also have a neutralising effect on free-radicals. This prevents cell and tissue damage in the body.
Having a strong immune system can help you over come things like ulcers, colds, flu's and other infections very quickly.

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