Friday, 5 June 2015

Coconut Oil 10 Ways Feat. Cocowhite and Cowshed

1.Oil Pulling, the ancient Ayurvedic method of oil pulling using coconut oil, has been used for centuries to improve dental health and general wellbeing.
Prior to brushing your teeth, get a teaspoon of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth, much like mouthwash, for around 20 minutes.
Doing this can improve the health of your gums and teeth, without using products that can contain toxins such as Fluroide, artificial sweeteners and other harsh chemicals.
Due to the anti-bacterial properties found in coconut oil, pulling is thought to removes harmful bacteria from the mouth before it enters the bloodstream and infects the body. There are testimonials all over the internet, who have found that simply doing this in the morning everyday has improved their general health and prior ailments.
You can get organic coconut oil from most supermarkets or health food stores, alternatively, there is a brand called Cocowhite, they have created a natural teeth whitening product with coconut oil, you use in the same way as any other pulling oil but they come in little sachets. If you want to give oil pulling a go? Their reviews speak for themselves.

2.Coconut oil cleansing, I love using coconut oil as a cleanser. I have normal to dry skin, so I love using an oil or balm cleanser and nothing does the job better than coconut oil. It gets even the most stubborn make up off, really hydrates my skin and makes it feel so soft.

3. A hair mask, prior to washing helps to keep your hair hydrated and shiny, without looking greasy. I usually either use coconut oil or olive oil and slather it all over my hair, minus the roots and leave it in for as long as I can before I wash my hair. It always leaves my hair silky and super shiny.

4. Scars and stretch marks can be a big insecurity for some, especially if they are very visible. Using coconut oil on scars and stretch marks can aid the skins healing process and diminish the look of them. Using coconut oil on your stomach, everyday, during pregnancy is a helpful way to improve your skins elasticity and prevent stretch marks from occurring.

5.Nappy rash can be a difficult issue for parents, on the one hand, your child is in pain, on the other, you don't want to use harsh chemicals or strong topical creams on their sensitive skin. Coconut oil, is a way of forming a hydrating and anti-bacterial layer on your child that can aid the healing process when nappy rash occurs. Often with baby products, they will contain Petroleum, this is incredibly suffocating to the pores of the skin and can seal in bacteria due to it's thick consistency. While, initially it may appear to be hydrating the skin, you will find it actually makes the skin even more dehydrating which is why you will find yourself reapplying and reapplying, instead of treating the problem.

6.Eczema can be very uncomfortable and make people feel self conscious about their skin but using coconut oil, consistently, has been found to help clear up breakouts, that suffers may be prone to. And again, without the use of harsh medicines.

7. Lip Balm is also a product that can often contain a lot of petroleum, which just means that you will always need to reapply and buy in order to keep your lips feeling 'hydrated'. I prefer to use an oil based lip balm, like the Cowshed Lippy Cow Lip Balm, granted, it is a bit pricey, at £6.00 per 12ml, but it lasts for ages and is really hydrating. If you're a bit strapped for cash and need a quick fix, then go for coconut oil, it's simple, affordable and it will get the job done. It also smells/taste nice, so it's a win-win. I usually apply this at the end of both my morning and bed time routines.

8.Shaving can leave sensitive skin, feeling dry, itchy and irritated. This is where the coconut oil comes in; you can use it instead of shaving gel to leave the skin feeling silky, soft and succulent.

9. DIY Body Scrub, a lot of high-street exfoliators use tiny plastic beads in their products, here is a way to help protect the environment and your skin. If you're out of exfoliator, why not try making your own. Just mix some granulated sugar and coconut oil (in it's liquid state) together in a bowl or a mug, you can always add some essential oils if you want it to smell like anything in particular, and hey presto, you have a hydrating and effective body scrub. It literally takes about 20 seconds to make.

10.A Dry Spot Mask is how a keep dry patches hydrated over night. If I have noticed that patches of my skin are dryer than others (usually during autumn when the weather suddenly changes), I leave coconut oil on my skin, over night but only on the patches of skin that are suffering from a dry spell, I also do this before I leave the house, when the wind is cold and going against my skin. This helps my skin maintain an all round hydrated complexion.

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