Wednesday, 22 July 2015

This Weeks Favourites

Over the past week and a half, these five items have been my go to's.
Listen To Your Body by Lisa Guy is a book that is based on finding the root cause to seemingly mundane ailments and treating them with diet and supplements. Lisa Guy us an Australian Naturopath and in this book she 'explores 301 of the most common signs and symptoms your body uses to tell you something is wrong'. I'm really enjoying this book and it's great to have in the house to look up what could be causing symptoms when they arise.
Do Less Get More by Sháá Wasmund, the tag line for this book is 'How to Work Smart & Live Life Your Way'. I am really enjoying this book; it challenges the way we look at success and enables you to work out what are the important stepping stones to success, without doing everything and anything, leaving you no time to catch your breath. It helps to simplify the way you think about your goals and aspirations and challenges you to step out of your comfort zone by taking a leap of faith.
Caudalie Grape Water 75ml has been a life saver over the past few weeks. I find that the UK has been so humid, recently and I am not a fan. I have been using the grape water just as a spritz to freshen my skin up when I'm feeling hot and bothered. I use this after I have toned in the morning and at night and I can see this becoming part of my travel bag essentials.
Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Pads have been in my skincare routine for a while now and I'm really loving them. Usually they are around £13 but currently at Boots, they have a third off. I use these between toning and moisturising. These are exfoliating pads, so they exfoliate your skin, without using harsh, plastic beads, which, if you have acne, can just spread your breakout to pores that aren't blocked. Because they exfoliate, these pads help your skin to shed dead skin cells (eww) and they leave your skin nice and soft. I think you get 60 pads, so I would say that they were definitely worth the money, based on the results that you get.
Cowshed Jasmine Toning Eye Balm is my favourite eye cream. When I first went to the Cowshed Spa in Primrose Hill the beauty therapist used this at the end of my facial and it was so lovely. I have loved it ever since. I particularly loved using this when I was at Glastonbury, I don't know whether it was sleeping in a warm tent or something, but my eyes were a bit puffy when I woke up in the mornings but this balm seemed to calm that down. I use this every night and it feels so nice and hydrating.

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