Friday, 14 August 2015

5 Steps To Looking Like You've Got Your Sh*t Together

Here are five ways to looking like you've got your sh*t together!
1. Rocking a sleek ponytail or a power plait.
Accessorising with your hair is a great way to transform your look! This is easily done with hairstyles that can be adapted for all lengths and take a matter of minutes to do. I like to go for a ballerina bun, a dutch braid with the braid on the right side, framing my face or a high ponytail with slick back and sides with a bit of volume on top.

2. Always polish those nails!
This doesn't mean you need to have a mani-pedi every other week but keeping your nails neatly polished can be really inexpensive but make such a difference when creating a smart, put together look. Also, if you are wearing open-toed shoes, it's always nice to match the fingers with the toes.

3.Fleek those brows (whatever Fleek seemed appropriate)!
If you are running late and don't have time to do a full face, at least do your brows. Doing your brows well and in a subtle yet defined way can frame your face and also distract from any spots you may have.

4.Keeping a diary and using it!
When most people get diaries, they end up rarely used but having a diary and actually making sure that you put all of your plans and significant dates in will not only make you look less chaotic but your life will become less chaotic and more organised!

5.When in doubt, black it out!
Black is probably one of my favourite colours to wear. It is timeless, effortless and chic. Throwing together an all black outfit can make you look more stylish and put together without the hassle of spending half and hour plus, just deciding on what your going to wear.


  1. lovely tips i feel like printing them out my life has been so messy and unorganised recently
    i love ur header btw x

    1. Don't worry, I feel the same sometimes, that's why I need these tips!
      Thanks and thank you for commenting! X