Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hvar Part 1

So, this summer I went on holiday with my sister to Hvar, which is an Croatian island, in the Adriatic Sea.
The first place that we stayed at was in a little fishing village called Milna.
 We stayed in a Lavanda apartments, which was lovely and inexpensive. It was so beautiful and peaceful there. We spent four days there an mainly read books, sunbathed and eat out and some of lovely restaurants. One of our favourites was called Fortuna (I think), where they had these wonderful  chicken skewers with grilled vegetables, they were so delicious! We also had dinner at another restaurant called Konoba Kotin, where we had the best calamari EVER!
After four days in Milna, we got the bus and about 10 minutes later, we were in Hvar town.
Hvar town has such a lovely atmosphere and so many different people for different parts of the world, it is dream destination for anyone.
So, on our first day in Hvar, we checked in to our hotel, which was just a cheap one but had a beautiful view of the marina. 
Unfortunately, the water pressure on the shower was out of control, which kind of reminded me of the seen in the first Star Wars film, when they all get trapped in the dump and there is a weird creature that looks like a shower head trying to attack them, yeah, that shower had a life of it's own! 
We wanted to find a nice place to eat that wasn't on the Main Street or in St. Stephen's Square. 
We stumbled across a restaurant called Central Park Club, which turned out to be a hidden gem with the best chicken wraps on the planet and cheese burgers that are the perfect hangover cure!
The 'club' plays live and recorded jazz and a really nice, relaxed vibe to it. Perfect for lunch, dinner or just a drink. I wanted to share this picture of some of their seating arrangements, which turns out to be very typical of restaurants in Hvar, making do with what space they have.
After being in Hvar for less than 12 hours, we managed to infiltrate a stag do...don't ask.
That night we planned to go to Carpe Diem, which as well as being a bar on the marina (right in front of where all of the ferries and boats pull up) is also a night club on the island Marinkovac, in the are called Stipanksa. That night we went to a few bars and ended up in the Capre Diem bar, where we met some Australian boys, who had been backpacking through Eastern Europe. We had a few drinks but left, some idiot barmaid kept setting fire to the bar because someone had spilt a drink and even though people were standing there, waiting to be served she kept putting lighter fluid on it! 
Anyway, next up we went to BB Club, now I wouldn't rate this place, the service isn't great, it's slow and the staff are rude but this man got talking to the Aussie boys and we all ended up having a great group conversation with him. The next thing we know, he's bought us four bottle of Mo√ęt & Chandon! At 2:00 am, after learning that the Full Moon party was the next night, we decided to go home. 

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