Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Positive Life Tips from Jana Artisan Water and Louise Hay

It was hot in Hvar, Croatia that all I wanted to drink was water, so I went through a lot of Jana artesian water and on the sides of their bottles they had these beautiful quotes by Louise Hay and I thought that I would share some of the ones that I liked with you. Check out her website for affirmations!

1. My body loves me and I love and cherish my body.

2. I begin to see the good in everyone and everything

3. I listen to my body and thank it for it's desire to keep me healthy

4. I deserve to have boundaries and to have them respected.

5. I am at peace in the midst of chaos or madness, no person, place or thing has the power to upset me

6. Everything in my life is working out of my highest good. Out of every situation only good can come and I am safe.

7. Now is the time to break the barriers of self-limitation

Let's all praise The Lord for Louise Hay and her empowering affirmations.
I think these would be great to use a positive mantra's or meditations to raise your vibration and deter negative thoughts.

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