Monday, 19 October 2015

10 Reasons To Eat Black Kale

To celebrate my blog name change, I thought I'd do a post about Black Kale (Carvolo Nero). It is something that I have only recently had the pleasure of trying and I'm loving it!
Here are a few reasons as to why I think everyone should try this vegetable!

1. During the Autumn months Black Kale is in it's prime, so if you want to try it, it's best to now! It's always best to try fruit and vegetables that are in season because it's when they are more likely to be organic and have been grown without being tampered with.

2. Black Kale can lower your cholesterol levels. When steamed the fibre in Kale has the ability to bind with bile acid that is found in your digestive system. By binding, this allows the bile to leave your body in your stools. This in turn, lowers your cholesterol levels.

3. It's high in anti-oxidants, these attach to free radicals, which if left alone can attack your healthy cells. This can also aid cell repair in your body.

4. It's high in fibre. Fibre is essential in order for you to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Having a healthy amount of daily fibre intake acts as a preventative for some of the west's most life-threatening illnesses.

5. It's has anti-inflammatory properties. This helps your body to repair itself during times or illness or stress.

6. It has high levels of vitamins. High in vitamins K, A and C, as well as being a good source of B vitamins and folates means that this vegetable is one of the healthiest around.

7. Black Kale is a lot softer than Curly Kale. It is a very dark green colour and I find it more palatable because it is soft but still had all of the goodness of Curly Kale. I like to cook it in a bit of butter, garlic and spinach.

8. It has anti-carcinogenic properties. Kale is high in Glucosinolates that change in to Isothiocyanate in your body. This happens because when we eat our food, we produce an enzyme called Myrosinase and this hyrdrolyses GCT's into ITC's. ITC's allegedly neutralise carcinogens, this inhibits there progress. 

9. It's great for juicing and smoothies. Black Kale would be a great addition to any recipes you use in your Nutribullet or juicer. Due to it's soft texture it's more blendable than Curly Kale.

10. It's high in Beta Carotene. This is a Carotenoid that does wonders for slowing down the ageing process and protecting eyes against damage.

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