Monday, 4 January 2016

Easy New Years Resolutions That Could Change Your Life

Having a good New Years resolution can change your life for the better whether it be dropping a bad habit or picking up a great new hobbie.

1. Stop beating yourself up! I tried this New Years resolution a few years ago and honestly it is one of the best things that I've done for myself. It doesn't matter if you break this resolution at any point because this is more of an excercise for you to gradually get to a more positive outlook on yourself. So, every time you start to beat yourself up about anything the way you look, the way you behave,  that embarrassing moment you wish you could take back but you can't and you keep replaying it in your head and torturng yourself with the memory, you need to stop and say three things that you like about yourself. It doesn't matter what positives you begin with but you need to start validating yourself. When you do this as soon as you start to think negatively about yourself it will stop your for falling in to a negative spiral, which can leave you feeling depressed and at a lose of motivation.
Personally, this really changed the way I think about myself and the world around me and has helped me to become more motivated, positive and loving of others. It doesn't matter if you don't always follow this resolution, it is just about trying your best and trying to change the way you behave, to be more productive,

2.Detoxify your social life. So many people hold on to relationships that bring nothing to their life's apart from misery and disappointment, you out so much effort into fueling a relationship where the person who is supposed to be your friend just makes you feel like crap. Now, any relationships can have tough times but it is important to keep people around you who love you, who always have good intentions for you and bring light and laughter to your life. It's important to have a close group of really positive energies in your life.
3. Spend less time on you phone. Trying to spend less time on your phone is really important.
People get so stuck in the 'virtual reality' of their phone that they forget to actually live. Go out and meet people, when you go to party focus on interacting with the people in your life not checking your phone every five or seeing what everybody else is doing on Facebook. People have found a direct link between Facebook use and increased feelings of depression and anxiety. Focus on the reality that can truly experience and go out and live your life. It is so precious and everyday you live, is a blessing.
4.Drop the bad habits. I'm not a believer in ' New year, New Me' but I do think that the new year is good time to encourage yourself to make some changes for a better life and stick to them. The new year is a good time to drop those bad habits that effect your health, mentality and or your well-being. Plenty of people give up alcohol for the month of January in the UK (Dryanuary, so you won't be the only one giving up a bad habit and by doing it for a whole month you will have the beleif in yourself that you have the will power to do it for a long period of time. This can be anything from smoking, drinking too much, sugar or getting sucked in to negative situations. You will be surprised by how different your life will feel and how much more positive and uplifted your mentality will become.

5. Put the doughnuts down and step away from the beige food. Having a New Years resolution simply to make healthier choices with your food prevents you from the pressure of sticking to a strict diet and enables you to persevere and focus on finding healthier foods that you actually enjoy eating. Having a diet that has a lot of sugary or carb heavy food can lead to unhealthy levels of glucose in the blood stream and increased weight gain, not to mention the effects that sugar has on your skin and general health. By making a conscious effort just to increase the amount of basic carbohydrates and sugars that you consume, you could be saving yourself from premature ageing and a host of illnesses associated with unhealthy diets such as cancer and diabetes.
6. Drink more water. To most people this might sound like a stupid one but you'd be surprised by how hard some people find it to drink water. Making an effort to drink more water can have a great effect on your skin, energy levels and on every day bodily functions, but it also can stop you from over eating and drinking other substances that might contain lots of sugar, or alcohol, which will be digested as sugar anyway. This is such a simple way to start you on a road to a healthier way of life.

7. Let go of the past. This to me was a definite game changer. Learning to let go of what has happened in the past and live in the present is so liberating and life changing, we spend so much of our own time being angry with someone that wronged us last year, or holding on to a relationship that is toxic and really dysfunctional. This has to stop! The idea of letting go is easy but in practice, it is so much more difficult but also so much more rewarding that you could imagine. It takes work but again, this is not a New Years resolution that you can fail because it is a work in progress. Letting things go, is the healthiest way for you to live because staying angry at someone doesn't hurt anybody else but yourself; there is quite a famous proverb by Buddha (I think) and it says 'holding on to anger, is like being bitten by a snake and expecting the other person to die', this is a great analogy to explain why letting to is so great for your state of mind. This can help you become such an easy going, loving and liberating person.
8. Start telling yourself that 'you can'! There are so many things that people want to do but they don't because they have that voice, the self-saboteur that say 'you can't do aren't good enough'. Think about all of the things that you could achieve with your life, if you dared to tell yourself 'you can' because the worst thing that could happen if you don't succeed in whatever you are trying todo, is simply don't succeed in it, which isn't the end of the world. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or mess things up because often those are the best learning curves and having the courage to go for something, not succeed and then pick yourself up and try again, is the ultimate self-esteem booster.
9. Get yourself organised! If there are things that you want to get done this year, things that you want to achieve then the best way to do this is make a list of all the little things that you need to do in order to achieve the bigger goal. Also by getting organised it can help you to prioritise what is most important to you. Sometimes reaching certain goals can be difficult but so worth it. Really making an effort to be organised (which doesn't come naturally to me) can allow you to be so much calmer, no worrying about what you have to get done or what you haven't had time to do. If you have a hectic schedule it is always good to organise time to spend quality time with friends, family or even just having some you time.
10. Embrace the unknown. Nowadays people get so stuck in their ways so it's really good to try something new or atleast be more open to new opportunities and experiences. It can help you reconnect with your jour du vivre and find a new thing that you love. It also opens your social circle, which is good. It's important to have a good flow of positive energy into your life.

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