Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Letting Go For Peace

I don't know how factual this is but apparently there was a psychologist, who was speaking to a groups of people. The psychologist held a glass of water and one hand and said how heavy would you say this is?

The audience was puzzled by the question and shouted out some vague estimations.
The psychologist said, if I hold on to this glass of water for an hour, it's not heavy, if I hold on to it for a day or longer, the weight of the glass will cause my arm to ache and become numb. This is the same as anger and stress. The longer you hold on to or invest your time in to things that make you anger or stress out, this will take a tole on your own happiness and well-being.
It's like that proverb, when you are angry with someone and you hold on to that anger, it is like being positioned and expecting the person you are angry with to suffer.
Now, I'm not saying that letting go of things like this is easy, trust me, I know how hard it is but it allows you to be free.
Freedom is one of our greatest joys as human beings; emancipate yourself!

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